Im finding my rg450 a little close bunched for my fat fingers. i like the narrow neck just not the width. im also over the tuning of the lotrs. im really after a string through with great sustain with a wide yet slim neck. but something with a modern rock shape, ie not a strat, more schecter like.

any ideas?
umm how bout a shecter? crazy thougth there i know but yeah they have pretty wide(but not thick) necks or mabey look at a jackson of some sort i dont have fat fingers but i like wider necks also better for bending and they just feel nicer in my hand i dunno
what about a les paul

they have big necks
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just the shape of les paul not for me.

i luv look of schecter but ppl keep telling me how they suck in comparison to ibanez.

i cant get in store to play one unfortunately.

i want something strings low to the neck as well.

i play mostly rock, blues and want to start playing a bit of jazz, which is where i thoguht the semi hollow of the schecter would be way better than by ibanez.
Try to look for a guitar that has XJ frets, those are quite big. A lot of Ibanez and Dean guitars have XJ frets but still a very flat neck.
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prs - wide & thin, the only way

x2. I have big hands with not slim fingers (although they're not really fat - size 12 ring finger or so) and I find PRS necks very comfortable.

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Gibson, Fender, Esp, and Schecter all have jumbo frets

That has to do with fret wire size, not nut width or fretboard space.
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