What kinda guitar is the Fernandes like metal or is it more of a rock kinda sound? Are there any sound clips out there of it that anybody knows of cause i couldnt find any. Also are they a good guitar at all just considering the quality not the sound.
I think they're more metal oriented but I haven't even seen one IRL.

There aren't many soundclips online to show the sound of a guitar (the only site with sound clips I can think of is the Gibson Custom Shop)
hmm...yeah i just really like the body style of em but i want the fender kind of sound...do you know if it's possible to use a fernades body but get a fender sound, like switch all the parts from the fender body to the fernandes (that would be horrible to do to a fender though)
the way you play determines wheather its metal or not, im sure bb king could make it sing just as easily as zakk wylde could make it scream like f*** . iv got a ravelle and it does everything i ask it, also check out the fernandes website heaps of demos on there.