The Book

What was i
another page in the book
to be seen and not heard
but it's not hard to look
i'm the one around the corner
the boy next door
i knew i wasnt good enough for you
you were the pretty girl
i was the kid in the underfloor
i loved you since day one
you overlooked it
and found a friend

if you moved on
how would i know i really needed you
why would i keep the photo of you
where could i go without thinking of you
when will i ever forget you
what would i do without you
thats shown through now
and look where i am

i'm something i'm not
with you i was what i wanted
i'd spill my heart for you
now i'm nothing
a sweet shadow
a tree so hollow
i've turned into the stereo type
something like everyone else
with you i was me
with you i was us
thats something no one else will be

i thought you knew me
i thought you could see through me
thats what i wished
i hoped you would see through the smile
and the happy face
to put everything in its place
you never saw the blood on the wall
you never saw the hole in the door

but i've changed
it's been a year
i havent touched anyone
havent touched anything
with blood on my hands
and i kept my promise to you
i gave you letters
i gave my word
i got scars from these walls
i got scars from my falls
but one scar stays
one scar will follow me

if a scar on the heart
is worth two on the hand
how many are on my heart
more than i need
the biggest not of a physical
merely words
wouldnt that make it enough
wouldnt that prove i need you
wouldnt that show i keep going for a reason
for a hope atleast
not anymore

in time
if you pass while you sleep
where will you go
which moment do you want to keep
you dont know
you cant choose
where were you happiest
which do you want to live forever

the sparkle in youre eyes
means more to me than life
if they could stay with me
i'd be happy
but you dont want me
you'd rather me suffer
i'd take my sight
i'd go with memory
i dont need to see you

i hope you take the time to read this
i hope you remeber this chapter
it's the last in my book

dedicated to andrea
Wow, this was a really depressing song. But in a good way. It was depressing in a sweet kind of way. (If that makes any sense). I really thought it was very well written. It didn't flow in some places, but I'll overlook that because the language was just so beautiful. Good job.

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