i picked up a e77 or a77 hollowbody or what have you at guitar center for 280 bucks. it was an impulse buy. it seems like the tone controls really don't do alot to the low end but take away the highs. not impressed there. but overall i thought it has a really good sound and when i plugged it into my mesa i liked it just as much as my american strat or any other high end guitar.

anybody have any opinions on these?
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I own one, had it for a few months now and its great. AK86, everything you'd expect from an archtop and more, it looks good, plays good and sounds good. Value for money also.

Umm.. isn't that what a tone control is supposed to do?
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i love my Artcore to death, its an AFS-75 (which i cant seem to find any information on it as all i can find is the AFS-75t with the Bigsby, i dont have that) but its an amazing guitar.
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Quote by Wayward_Son
Umm.. isn't that what a tone control is supposed to do?


I've never seen a disappointed Artcore owner. Makes one wonder if the chinese finally learned to make one type of guitar right.
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