I seen a nice hollow body 12 string electric guitar at the guitar store for about 170 and this thing looked nice, got my thinking what are the advantages of a 12 string? this was the first time i played one but i wasn't to difficult to play, sound was different and if anything i could just use with 6 strings, so should i get it?

ill try to get the name of it later.
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The only electric twelve string that's worth it is a rickenbacker.

Yes, I am extremely biased.

Is it that Dean Boca? That's the only hollow body electric that's not a rick that I can think of. And you're not gonna see a rick for 170 anywhere, ever. Whatever it is, I am a big fan of 12 string, acoustic and electric, so I'd say you go for it if it plays well and sounds good through an amp. Just make sure it intonates well, that's the problem I've found with most cheaper 12 string electrics. You'll get everything perfectly tuned open, then as soon as you fret any chords everything goes wrong. I mean, a very small change in intonation can be cool, adds a nice chorus sound, but there's a fine line between effect and pure, uncontrollable dissonance. And if it does intonate well, then plug it into an amp and see how it sounds, definately. The other problem with electric 12 strings is often the octave strings don't really come through at all, which entirely defeats the purpose of getting a 12 string.

If it intonates and sounds good through an amp, then please, go for it. The world needs more 12 string.
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I like the Gretsch hollows the 12 strings are amazing
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