I don't know whether to say if its a bob dylan cover or a gnr cover, It's probably more gnr except without the high vocals. The recording quality is horrific because I'm just using a mic going directly into audacity with no pre-amp or anything. Im 13 and the vocals show it if you know what I mean. Originally it was just gonna be guitar but I did'nt want it to be one of those boring covers with no singing. So I'm not looking for crit on vocals or recording, just the guitar. BTW I did'nt play slash's solos, I made my own up. Yes they suck . Anyway crit 4 crit.

Impressive intro, i see what you mean about the vocals, but it screws up in the chorus, the chords, i mean. goes out of time in places. Solos not that bad... Second one is alright - sound a lot like slash's though. Drum machine doesn't quite work - are you on backing vocals too? All in all, not too bad for 13.
you are not supposed to put your mic in your mouth!

anyway i liked it, the soloing is pretty good, it matches the song realy good