I like Van Halen, im the biggest fan i know, if you like them too, (DLR and Hagar lovers both welcome) write about them here.
k, sure. gotta say halen is my favorite band. they were, imo, so ahead of their time when they first hit in the 70s and are to thank for much of the music that followed. ed's the greatest guitar player alive and has the best tone known to man. as for singers, i prefer the music that was made in dave's time to much of the later stuff because it was in general less "poppy," but i don't blame sammy for that. that's just the way eddie wanted to go, since he wrote 99% of the music. i'm definately a red head. plus i think dave just isn't terribly talented and he annoys me. i hated that he always wanted to do covers. halen should never have touched "dancing in the street." i like sammy's voice and despite increased pop, his introduction made the band a lot more metal. i've always thought that ed's playing was kind of a bridge of blues/rock/metal and even pop.

i love how the topic starter just said dave and sammy fans welcome. does that mean that cherone fans aren't welcome or that we just needn't worry because there are none?
I believe theres a thread much like this one already. Look for it.


Edit: Unless of course it got closed. And in that case, its still reported, for there are no Only threads.
^ thread title isnt "The Only Van Halen Thread"...anyways awsome band i love 'em, DLR forever, Van Hagar sucks.
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1) Prepare to be possibly e-raped by Derigiberble/Cornlord/powerage(?) for mentioning it is ok to talk about Van Hagar in a Van Halen thread

2) Prepare to be possibly e-raped by Derigiberble/Cornlord/powerage(?) for creating the #3465th Van Halen thread.