I heard that either the "Guitar Pro" or "Power Tabs" program (can't remember which one it is) you can like download the tabs, and then the program can play how the song sounds without all the vocals and whatnot in it. Is this true? And which prog is it?
Both can "read" the tabs at correct timing, like, its all MIDI sound but still really really useful

guitar pro 4 is better than power tab, i think
but both do it
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power tab is free
google it, and DL it.

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Guitar pro has drums and all the MIDI instruments on your computer, and Powertab has everything MIDI except a drum kit and you don't have to worry about completing measures.

They both are good except Guitar Pro cost 50 bucks..

Power tab happends to be free.
Import and export ASCII tabs(the timing youll have to do yourself if you do that)

not only guitar tabs, a Guitar pro file can have Drums, bass, keys, 5 guitars, vocals

songs are showed in tablature format and sheet music
you press play, and it plays it, showing the notes on the fretboard and everything

download it, guitar pro is like, 4mb and you just install, download the tab you want and open it, press play and youll see

its heaven for learning long hard shredding solos

edit: no one is paying 50 bucks for a tab reader ¬¬ (www.demonoid.com)
hope thats not illegal on ug, posting ilegal stuff
i got tired of my signature and i no longer has one

Alright, I got Guitar Pro. Downloaded the Crazy Train tab and it's showing it in sheet music. Is there a way for me to display the thing in actual Tablature format?
try the "view" tab at the top... find "hide tablature" and make sure its unchecked
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