I'm working on building up my pedalboard and I'm wondering what is a good delay pedal for $100 US dollars. I already plan on getting a BBE sonic stomp, Maxon OD9, and an EHX small clone chours, and a EHX holy grail reverb. Any advice on a good delay peadal would be much appriciated. Also any comments on all the other pedals mentioned would be helpful too.
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you seem to have made excellent pedal choices to me. I have never played them but maybe look into the EHX Memory Man Delays i hear they are good. Also Maxon Makes a great Analog Delay. and if you can get up to like 230 look into the Line 6 4 button Stomps the Modellers are amazing the Delay is the DL-4
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all the way. i love the marshall effects. especially the gov,nor
if you can find it ('cause its discontinued) try a Zoom 508 Delay, it's got up to 4 seconds and you can get from a subtle reverb to an all out cacophonic frenzy

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please the tone core pedals are crap if you play the Line 6 DL-4 you will know what a delay pedal is.
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