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You would need a good recording soundcard and the Presonus.

Solidstate pre's aren't bad, but you'll really hear the difference from a tube pre.

You could get that pre and a decent soundcard for the price of the other interface... and your recordings would sound 1000% better to boot.

I was looking at getting a firewire audio interface, the Focusrite Saffire, until I was recommended the presonus bluetube dp: http://www.presonus.com/bluetubedp.html. I'm not sure which sound card to get with this though. I plan on using my laptop to record, so that could be a problem. Any recommendations keeping in mind a price of about $400 for the presonus and the sound card?
lool, don't worry mate
The only reason why you would need a presonus bluetube is to warm up the sound of your signal as its coming in to your interface, unless your producing some top quality vocals or acoustic instruments you don't need to worry about it, just concentrate on getting a good audio interface.
Wow... [sarcasm] Burning_Feather really knows what he's talking about.[/sarcasm]

The interesting thing about tube pre's is that... not only will they "warm" your recordings, but you can overdrive the tubes to get some nice crunch tones from your guitars without any onboard or pedal effects being used. You can also push them for vocals, but sometimes (if you don't watch them closely) they'll (vox) sound like ass when you overdrive the tubes.

Too late to cancel? There should be a window of opportunity to stop the order dead in its tracks.