I was looking into buying a new guitar and I seen the Schecter Jolly Roger, and I was wondering what is the neck like on these guitars? Are they fast/slow, and how do they scale to say a Fender Strat neck?
Some people like them, some don't, you'll have to try one out for yourself. They are a little on the thick side and they are finished, personally I love the feel, they are about medium speed, they aren't slow, but are no where near as fast as an Ibanez Wizard neck, however, they are very comfortable to me, but you'll have to try one out for yourself.
I dont know about Fender Strat Necks, Epiphone Les Paul neck is pretty much what it feels like, at least really close to it. If you like Fenders more than Epiphones, then get a Fender for the same price.