I'm starting to learn the guitar, i already have a crappy acoustic which is really showing its age but i'm looking to get an electric.

Anyone got any advice for the best around the £200 mark?
If you need an amp with it, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II player's pack is quite good, in my opinion, as a starting electric. That runs about 200, US. Which is somewhere in the neighborhood of a 100 pounds, or so, I believe.
if you're going for metal, i'd recommend an LTD EC-50 or Viper-50. i have the EC, it's a great guitar. as for the viper, it's the same, but the neck is quite heavy.

hoped that helped.
Ibanez RG321 - If you're into the metal thing.

Squier 51 (Anyone who tells you this is a crap guitar just needs to be shot.) - Very versatile little number, awesome for the price, blues - heavy rock

Squier Standard Stratocaster - If you want the more classic type thing, blues - classic rock, stay away from squier bullets and the affinity series

Yamaha Pacifica 112 - One of my personal favs. Very versatile, feels wonderfull, sounds wondefull, probably stretch to metal.

Epiphone G400 - It's a bit chubby, but it's great for classic rock, looks good too.

Squier Deluxe Strat - Awesome guitar, IMO it's better than the low end Fender MIM Strats.

Also amp is important.
Vox AD15VT or a Roland Cube 30, Maybe Micro Cube. Epiphone Valve Junior (Not very versatile but great all tube tone, 5w for a tube is quite loud. It's good for pedals.), Epi Valve Special if you can afford it, more controls than the junior.
You're probably gonna need alittle extra cash.
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Get a roland cube amp, they're good and cheap, and for guitar, dont get a squier, yes some may be good but you say anything about you playing a squier people will rip you to shreds, ibanez are good, yamaha, epiphone are the ones i suggest most though
assuming you already have an amp, a lag matt design jet 100. www.lagguitars.co.uk

EDIT: for hard rock, shred and metal.
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dont get a squier, yes some may be good but you say anything about you playing a squier people will rip you to shreds

Well they're obviously morons. Caring what a moron thinks of you or your guitar makes you stupid too.
These people probably have some hideous crap B.C. Rich or a Gibby but all they can play is the smoke on the water riff.
I dont suggest a squier anyway :p

but it is true that if you get insulted for your playing and equipment it makes you think bad of yourself=less playing