I'm really happy I just won one off ebay for £91, but I was just wondering about using a distortion pedal with it, do you think it mght sound crap
you could do that, but it might not be necessairy as it already got built in overdrive pedals + alot of higain modelling amps!
You should be able to get the sounds you want anyway. Otherwise just use your pedal. People say that they confuse the amp but they work fine.
I use a DigiTech GNX3000 through a Vox Ad30VT set to the clean channel and it works great. Of course the amp does have built in distorted amp models but often you don't want the same sound through the entire song, I think that you may need to fiddle with it a little if you're not going through the clean channel, but it should be fine.
get the footswitch!!
youll need it
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A footswitch would deffinately be a worthwhile investment. However, the amp doesn't really take pedals that well. I'd stick with using the onboard distortion. Tweak it a bit and you should be able to find a nice tone.
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yeh i was going to get a footswitch, I think ill have a quick lok around now
oh right thanks for the link, I'm just so happy that I've changed my amp (line 6 spider 30 the shame.)
yeah i tried using my wah pedal with it cause i dont like the autowah that much, and you could barely hear the wah
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the cool thing about the valvetronix series is the built in wah, it really rocks! Try the vc 4 or vc12 footswitch and love the wah ... :P
I thought the point of having all that built-in stuff was to not have to use pedals and stuff...

which valvetronix model did you get? the small 2 channel footswitches (VFS2 ) dont work with the 60 and 120 models and the vc4 and vc12 doesnt work with the other models with the silver grill.
I use a Korg AX1500G through my Vox AD50VT set on the boutique clean channel.. I just use the distortion from the pedal, it's much better. the distortion on the Vox is pretty weak.