ok i think steppenwolf belongs here but im not sure so wtfe...

ok now my question, ya know the song "magic carpet ride" by steppenwolf? i was wondering if anyones knows who did the version thats on that one wendy's commercial? i think it has like a girl singer?

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Wendy's just hired somebody to do it because it's cheaper than paying the band. It's not too uncommon, Staples got somebody to do "Takin' Care of Business" a while back. I guess billionaire corporations are pretty budget conscience with their advertising.
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That made me sad when I saw that add. I 've got a Steppenwolf cassette that i still listen to, hell ya.
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On a similar note, did anyone see Taledega Nights and get really confused when they had "Paint it Black" in French. Not terrible, but still strange.