OK I had a look round but couldn't find one, please could someone just give me a quick runover of what's good in an acoustic to buy?
You know like what wood, tuners etc etc.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. It's probably staring me right in the face but I am too hungover to think, sorry if it is lol.

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Solid top (Real wood) - Try and get solid wood sides and back as well.
Action - As you like it without fret buzz.

To be honest the list is huge. If you have specific questions ask us and we'll try and help.

Thanks, I won't try and pretend that I have a clue what I'm talking about with acoustics - because I don't lol. All I'm really wanting to know is a bit of general info on them so I won't end up buying a bad guitar or something. I know that's very vague indeed, but once again I know nothing lol.

Something like this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=328491 on acoustics is the perfect kind of thing - but I know that's more than just a quick post, I wouldn't expect that but I hope you catch my drift, thanks.

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I was just going to link the the thread from long ago that gave the low down on body shapes, woods and all that good stuff but it doesn't seem to be stickied anymore. Anybody know where it went?

"good tone" is all personal preferance but there are some things to keep in mind

A solid wood top helps the guitar sound more alive and musical.

Solid back and sides add color to the tone. Different types of wood will add different colors. Rosewood is dark, and warm. Mahogany is bright and warm. Maple is Bright and thin. Most people prefer the sound of a guitar with solid back and sides but solid back and side guitars are expensive. Typically rosewood and maple are more expensive than mahogany but given the new cutting bans on mahogany that might change soon.

Laminated back and sides are more durable than solid back and sides and they can help the guitar to project a bit more but you don't get all the color that you get from solid back and sides. When a guitar has laminated back and sides it doesn't usualy matter as much what material the back and sides are because the glue used to hold the layers together takes away a lot of the acoustic trates that are uneque to each type of wood.

For top material you typicaly have 3 types. Sitka spruce, Englman spruce, and Cedar. If the guitar specs say "spruce" or "select spruce" but don't specify what type then it's probably a laminated top. If it says "solid spruce" but still doesn't specify what type of spruce then it's probably sitka spruce. Sitka spruce is the brightest and loudest commen topwood. It is also the most durable and opens up the most with time. Cedar is the warmest and typicaly people like it best when it's new but doesn't open up as much as sitka (altho it does still open up with time) Englman spruce is half way between sitka and cedar.
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Thanks guys, that helps a lot!
Everyone is so nice in this acoustic forum, coming here from say the metal forum is like going from a 'hardcore dance' rave club to a daisy field or something .

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