I want to get these strings at my guitar shop but dont want to seem like a knob when I ask for them. Is it dad-da-rio
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I pronounced it as "Dee Adario"

Ya thats how i pronounce it to or you could pronounce it as crap strings
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"ernie, ball"
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its pronounced how its spelled
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"ernie, ball"

EB = ****

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According to their FAQ, it's pronounced "Da-Dairy-O".

lol the american accent!

da- da- ree- oh
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We used receive e-mails and letters each week regarding the correct pronunciation of the DAddario name. Some years back, we even ran an ad that illustrated an easy way to pronounce the D'Addario name. The name is pronounced phonetically as follows:


A simple way to pronounce a tough name in musical accessories!

Go for it.
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