Its very cool nice guitar riff
The drums sound very weak in the mix durin the guitar riff part, howeva the rest seems to be ok mix wise
drums sound clear towards the end b4 they cut out
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First off, thanks for the crit on Retaliation...

I thought that overall your piece was mixed pretty well. However, I did feel a little shock when the dirty guitar comes in because maybe it was a tad too loud. In all honesty, I'm not too into the style of music you were playing, but I think you pulled it off and overall I enjoyed it.

I'll start with the crits:

1.) I think the biggest thing is the drums. I think the beat is cool and it works, but their levels are a bit low. I also think that different samples could be used because although they sound good, they are a little jazzy sounding. Maybe something with a bit more umph could be substituted in.
2.) I liked where you were going with the drums at the end, and the piano starting again and everything being at a different tempo (4:38), but I felt like it got a little too busy and I began to feel a little restless during it.
3.) There really isnt that much more that I felt was wrong with it. If I had to say something else, it would be the guitar distortion. If it was just polished a little bit more, the song would sound very clean and more professional.

What I liked:

1.) I liked the bells coming in, and then the guitar (and the reverb on it is killer) and just the whole feeling that it is building up into something big.
2.) I also enjoy the synth sounds/effects or whatever you did during the whole middle section that pans and just gives it a cool ambience.
3.) The break in all the action at 2:40, it kinda relieves you for a bit and then everything seems kinda new and fresh again when it starts at 3:19.
4.) It is a very minor thing, but the last note of the song. You could have ended it with the chord before it, which was darker feeling, but you used the higher note which ends it with more of a happier feeling. I felt that it was a nice touch.

Overall, I enjoy it and you entrigued me enough to listen to more of your work.
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Doesn't work for me... I tried with both winamp and windows media player but both say they lack the codec. Which format did you use to encode it?
there was an error with the upload, ive re-uploaded it now so it works. please listen to it now.
Kinda reminds me of breaking the habit by linkin park at the beginning... the sound quality is pretty good. You should check out the tone of the rhythm guitar... there's something wrong with it and goes to much over the rest of the instruments. You should change the sound of the drums a bit, and they're too low in the mix. The drums go out of time around 4:10... you need to check them out, there's something wrong about them. The song's got a cool atmosphere though. There are a few things you have to adjust but it's not bad. I'd see it as a soundtrack for a movie or something like that
i can guarantee that the drums are not out of time. just every other instrument!!!
i dont see whats wrong with the guitar tone? i tweaked the distortion to get how i wanted it, it overpowers everything else because its too loud.

what sound needs to be changed about the drums?

thanks for your comments
Songwriting-wise I like this. The instrumentation, however, sounds too mechanic for my taste. Well, that's the problem with programming. Not sure about the guitar. I think it's too different compared to the beginning. Liking the effects around 2:50. This became also a bit boring without a lead instrument. Change the drum pattern. It doesn't fit with the piano. Good effects, work on the songwriting and change the drum pattern.

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The snare seems loud enough with the drums, just everything else. The guitar is a tad loud, and I think there's a hair too much distortion. The intro really has nothing to do with the rest of the song, or, atleast, it doesn't fit very well. I like the synth and the strange noises, it provides a nice, yet interesting, break. It is a bit repetitive without some kind of melody or vocals or anything. Might want to try working on that. The ending was well done. Nice effort.