This is a new song I made called I'll be by your side. It has no vocals so maybe the verse and chorus will sound boring but you should get the big picture. The solos should be decent and please wait for the slower part because there riff there should be good.

http://did.dmusic.com - I'll be by your side

EDIT: also, suggestion on how to improve my soloing technique are welcome
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FU*KING AWESOME! I love hard rock! You dont see much of it round these boards these days. The riffs are killer and everything sounds great. Great recording quality dude. What did you do the drums with? The solo just kicked in. Great! Loving the pinch harmonics! I like the slow riff. This would be even better with vocals. I cant find anything negative to say. The solo during the slow part is kickass! Great melody and harmony. You have a great soloing technique as it is. The solo when it sped up was awesome. How did you record this? BTW I think my tone sucks! (Which it does). But Im getting some new pedals and a new axe soon so that will help.

that was damn good. Nothing bad to say about it, I like the tone of the solo, even tho i feel it should sound more natural kinda, but its still really fitting to this style, the only thing that i would love tho is some vocals. It sounds like a song that would sound perfect for someone like Scott Weiland to sing for some reason, anyway just my opinion.

Would you please crit mine?
I used a phase 22 soundcard to record, and cakewalk guitar tracks pro 3, the rig is the one you can read in my sig. I have to go to bed now so I can't crit yours but I'll do it tomorrow...
more crits are welcome
First of all, you need to get better drum samples. Good playing, I guess. I was waiting for the vox or lead guitar to come in earlier. Didn't like the lead guitar tone, eventhough the playing was decent. You need to get vocals here, otherwise the beginning is too boring.
Tone is great, crunchy and full at the same time.

The intro and verse riffs are fast, fun and full of energy. But nothing really stood out to me, it was just solid.

Lead at about 2 minutes is great, good lead tone and you had some nice licks.
The mellow part with the dual leads after the solo was my favorite part of the song, it was a nice change of pace and kept things interesting. The lead after that was also very well done.

I dont really like the fade out ending. I'd rather you didnt hold that last chord.

Cool tune, great leads, nice job.
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First of all, you need to get better drum samples. Good playing, I guess. I was waiting for the vox or lead guitar to come in earlier. Didn't like the lead guitar tone, eventhough the playing was decent. You need to get vocals here, otherwise the beginning is too boring.

What'd you do to the lead tone to make it better?
good stuff man. i like the lead tone, and the riffs are catchy. it would be excellent with some lyrics and a good singer. the drum samples arnt bad, not really great either. i love the solo tone, the delay is fantastic, and your pinches sounded good. my only critique would be to work on the drums, and find someone to sing it! great work, i love the harmonies towards the end. check out my stuff and let me know what you think. purevolume.com/nickmarcone
damn dude, that sounds pretty badass. I like the rhythm and harmonies. The part where the drums cut out for a second or two around 1:20ish (cant remember) sounded pretty cool, I want to hear the guitar for a bit longer without the drums. Solo starts off real strong, good sound, pinch harmonics are kicking ass. I like when it slows down, and the slow solo, A-mazing, harmonies are tight in the solo. Sound damn good. I was about to say change it up but you just did , it speeds up at just the right time. I feel like the end of the solo didn't transition well into the chorus? badass job, get some vox!!!

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That would be really good with vocals, bass and a real drum kit.

Pros: Good rock melodies and riffs
Punching guitar tone
Superb (which really rang out solo) with great forced harmonics and delay
Like the slow section
Nice harmony guitars very nice and enjoyable. Really natural melodies there.
Recording quality good

Cons: Recording quality not great
Boring (without vocals)
Drums sound tinny (get a real drum kit in there)
No bass (or I didn't here it and if there was a bass in there is was real bad lol)
Tone was a little...I dunno, I just didn't like it that much. Just me I think don't worry

Overall: Pretty darn good instrumental, could have been in a movie with a better recording, I quite enjoyed listening to it!

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Sounds like 80's hair metal to me so far.

Lots of chords... any lead?

I'm waiting.

C'mon... I want some lead damn it.

I like the little break down.

Finally.... lead! Too much echo/reverb on it though. The tone of it was nice and played cleanly... just the effects were a bit over the top. Plus the levels for it alone are overpowering the backing... covering them up.

Drop some of the effects on the lead and this would cook... that and add more lead to it... or some vox... something... anything.

All in all, its wasn't bad, just lacking a few things and the lead's levels were too much plus the effects on them were over the top as well.

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