Hello guys (and girls)

I'm going to replace my strings for the first time, so I would like some advice on which ones to get..

I would like some strings that are good for rock, and I would like it the best, if they aren't so noisy, when you slide your fingers down the bass strings. The string my guitar center got:


EXL120 - .009-.042 - Nickel Super light. EXL120 Super Light PL009/13.1 PL011/11.0 PL016/14.7 NW024/15.8 NW032/15.8 NW042/14.8

EXL110 - .010-.046 - Nickel Regular light

EXL120+ - .0095-.044 - Nickel Super light plus

EXL130 - .008-.038 - Nickel Extra super light

EXL115 - .011-.049 - Nickel Blues / Jazz-Rock

EJ22 - 0.13-0.56 - nickel - jazz medium gauge

Jazz light 012w - 052w

EXL115W - .011-.049 - Nickel Blues/Jazz-bound 3.string

EJ20 - 0.10-0.49 - nickel - jazz extra light EJ20 Jazz Extra Light PL010/16.2 PL014/17.8 NW022/23.7 NW030/25.0 NW038/21.6 NW049/19.7

ECG24 .011-.050 Jazz guitar

ECG23 .010-.048 Jazz guitar

ECG25 .012-.052 Jazz guitar

ECG26 .013-.056 Jazz guitar


Regular Slinky .010 - .046 Slinky Nickelwound

Super Slinky .009 - .042 Slinky Nickelwound.

Power Slinky .011 - .048 Slinky Nickelwound.

Hybrid Slinky . 009 - .046 Slinky Nickelwound.

Hybrid Slinky .009 - .046 Reinforced plain-strenge.

Super Slinky .009 - .042 Classic - Ren nickelwound.

Medium .013 - .056 Slinky Nickelwound.

Medium Light .012 - .054 Slinky Nickelwound.

I would really appreciate, if someone would help me out..

By the way, if this thread is against the rules, i will delete..
i personaly like EXL110s the best, but you should probably try different kinds and see which one you like the best.
ernie ball slinkys
whatever gauge you want
if you get a heavier or lower gauge than you already have make sure you fix teh intonation
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Thanks alot guys..

It hard to imagine how helpfull this forum is before you see for yourself..

I think I'll buy 2-3 sets then, not more, cause I don't got some many money (I'm a teen)
personally i like DR strings, just bought some today infact. guitar center should have some, thats where i get mine. gauge is up to you, im a fan of 10's myself.