Been Writing a few pieces of Music in my spare time. As Of Yet I Have Found No Decent Way Of Recording My Songs. So These Have All Been Made And Put Onto The Computer using a Midi Program. Then Played And Recorded Using Guitar Pro 5.

I would Just Like To See Peoples opinions, criticism and general feedback on wot i've written. and if any of it is actually catchy or sounds good.

Most of the songs aint finished yet and are just the begginings so i need to know wot songs to continue wit and which to carry on working on. they can all be heard on my bebo page

Favourite songs - (Space Monkey 4-50) & (Flambostous Egg)

If you like any of it and Have bebo plz become a groupie or leave a comment on the page.

I wont get upset or angry no matter wot you say so just let me know wot u think

Thx In advance
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I Listened To "Space Monkey" it sounds pretty cool.. A little Repetitive, But Most of it On there sounds good.