Hey there,

I'm planning to make the Bass Fuzz as my very first pedal, just cos I'm bored this summer, and I've done some relatively basic electronics before at school (Timers, Op-Amps, all that jazz).


Anyway, I've been reading around and many people have mentioned that I need to have one stereo jack and one mono jack. They then said it was so that the power would turn off when the connection was taken out. Alright, I was just wondering which jack would be stereo and which would be mono? As I haven't come across the symbols for the stereo/mono jack on a schematic before.

Also could someone post a picture or a link showing the connections on a stereo and a mono jack?

I'll let you guys know how it goes...


News to me. I thought as long as you have an output, you were good. I don't know much about bass, but maybe having the double out is a luxury?
the stereo jack is the input jack. its just so that when you plug the cable in, it connects to the battery. if you have a mono input jack then the battery is connected at all times, meaning it gets drained.

in that diagram, the input jack has 3 connections so is stereo, the output has 2 connections so is mono.