Anybody know of any cool onboard effects that you can get put in your guitar? I've already seen a distortion one but was wondering if theres one you can get for octaves or chorus or something. thx
You could probably take the insides out of any small stomp box and install that right before your plug, but I'm not sure. It's only a theory. If anybody experienced says it doesn't work, trust them over me.
@gwitersnamps: Well, I'm no expert either, but I agree, that _should_ work like you say, IMO, as this would be the same as having a stompbox strapped onto your guitar, and having a really short cable between guitar output -> stompbox input.

@GuitarBoy-IL: Where did you get that program to create that schematic? I've been looking everywhere for something like that (free, if possible), but all I found was the DIY Layout Creator, which just have a breadboard, and no schematics possibility.
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I'm looking for the schematics from pedal effects, is there any site who has such ?
SinnaSatan: go to http://www.cadsoft.de/ and download EagleCad. It does schematics and automatic PCB layouts (if what you're doing is too big to be put on perfboard). I use it for amplifiers and pedals and I haven't found anything it can't do.

oxokoning: try musique or geofex, or just google guitar effects schematics