I just bought Guitar World's special issue which teaches how to play the blues in various styles of the masters.

The difference is that it comes with a kick-ass 90 minute DVD taught by Andy Aledort who does a masterful job of teaching blues basics or a refresher to more experienced players.

Hendrix, BB King, Albert King, Clapton, Beck, SRV, among others are covered. He covers basic turnarounds, soloing, 12 bar, progressions and slide.

It's only $9.99 and it is much better than most of those ripoff guitar instructional DVDs. I never heard of this guy but he certainly can play the blues!!! He also seems to be a good teacher. It'll be the best $10 bucks you can spend learning the blues.
I don't know, I bought the one for "soloing" and I thought it was the biggest waste of $10 I could have spent.

It had things like "Thrash, emo, grunge, classic rock," but the thrash was palm mute the low e, constant 16th note runs. And it showed that for like 20 bars
It's better with no teeth, trust me. Much fewer scars on my penis now that I've switched from seniors in high school to senior citizens.
Obviously, learning to play will depend on the guitarist's will. This DVD points out the various styles of the blues masters and some basic techniques.

I haven't bought an instructional item for several years and I am quite impressed with the quality of this one compared to those I have bought in the past.

The key to playing blues is developing your own style, but this DVD will help you understand how styles can vary and still end up with great blues.
ya i bought both DVD's. the metal one was really bad but the blues edition was pretty interesting. it broadened my skills dealing with blues and it had lots of good blues guys. but Andy Aledort is kind of hard to understand because his speech is slurred sometimes.