i have a music project planned for a few weeks time, my m8 has managed to get me a recording studio for me to use. i have a mate who will do drums, another who will do cello for one song, but it looks like i will prob be playing the other things (sax, vocals, keys, guitar and bass).

has anyone done this sort of thing before, like, recording a song/songs with you as an individual, playing all the different parts?

to me it sounds like it might be a bit of a fiasco to record, but my m8 who seems to know a lot about recording, has done it before and said its pretty simple.

any thoughts/advice on how this would be done? just to reassure me . remember that i will have a separate person playing the drums.

many thanx
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I do it often. It's not too bad, just concentrate on one task at a time.
how would i figure out the order of which i record the instruments? im assuming drums first...
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i do that for my stuff...its pretty easy

edit: record a click track with a metrenome to your songs

then use that click track to reocrd the drums in tempo...from then on..record in the order you think is necessary
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well if youve rented a studio, hopefully there not just throwing you in there by yourself.
conventionally, a producer will be there to help you, you just supply the talent.

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yeah sorry i didnt mention. i have a friend whos producing it for me, staying in there with me etc. but im still intrigued as to how it would work, and he doesnt tell me very much.
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