ok...so i need a new guitar...nd i really like the epi black beauty but i was wondering like how much would it cost to get a epi standard and put in a new pickup cavity nd get it rewired nd stuff? like if i got the black beauty id get tat rewired too...so basically i just want to kno if i can get a pickup cavity done by like a luthier or something nd how much it would be nd if it would be worth it....thanks in advance
you can get an extra pickup cavity routed in but it wouldnt be worth it, the black beauty it a nice guitar but it doesnt sound like a gibson, plus you are paying for a name with the black beauty so keep that in mind. also you should drop new humbuckers in there with 4 leads so you can get a rotary swich put in so you can have zillions of pickup combinations.
~jacob t.
How much do you want that third pickup?

It really depends on what tools you have, and what you're willing to do yourself.
If you want a project, then it's great to try something like that, but if you want a complete guitar, then get the pre-made one.
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