Ok so i was thinkin about PU sounds a while ago (dont ask) and i thott, hmm if the rythem guitarist uses HB's wit a Mahogany guitar, and i use SC's with a Alder, can i "cut thru" his sound, and make it sound rlly cool? now im not about to buy a new guitar but a Strat has the right kind of pick-ups right (i know it has SC's)?
It just might. You may have a point there, however humbuckers have more output so they may drown out the lead twangy guitarist. The setting is unique but you may have to raise the volume and maybe provide some thickness to the lead.
That's the "setup" that Opeth use part of the time. Mikael plays a strat and Peter sometimes plays a Les Paul, an SG, and a PRS custom 24. (all that from wikipedia) But he also plays a Jackson which I believe is alder.
It's mainly the amp actually.

Increase the lead's mids, and it should cut through.

The pickup type and guitar wood aren't as critical to tone that cuts through a mix.
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Yeah the stairway rythmn is done on a les paul (hb) and the solo is done on a telecaster (sc)
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