Aight, I'm really not liking my Line 6 Spider II 30, and so I'm on the quest for a new amp again. I play stuff like bullet for my valentine, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Pantera, and all of that other good stuff. However, I want the flexibility to play stuff like Rise Against and other punk rock bands.

My budget is $200-$300
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There's nothing you can get for that to improve over the amp you already have. I'm pretty sure thats the price range of the Line 6 (the amp you already have). Usually when upgrading, you will have to spend more money than previously, not the same. Save your money and buy a decent tube amp later on ($500+). If you want a quick fix, spend like $100 on a distortion pedal.
Save your money and/or sell your Line 6. Also check eBay. If you dont want to do all that, just get a distortion pedal like South said.
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Get a Marshall AVT 20, the gain is like any other Marshall which metallica used along with a mesa. This amp has got a tube preamp, which is very nice for gain. The price is 299.99 USD. I have this amp and i really like the way it sounds and its actually pretty loud for 20 watts and it helps to put it on top of something and it will go over drums with a heavy hitter, barely over half up. Im sure it will beat the Line 6 amp u have. My 2 cents.
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Cube 30/60 would probably be your best bet. But like SouthWillRise said, maybe you should just save up a little more and get something that will last you awhile, instead of just going for a quick fix.
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If you NEED a amp right now get the Cube 60
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Sell your line 6, save up a bit more, and then look at a used tube combo. ($500-600 ish?)
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I can extend my budget to $500, so are there any more amps you could recommend to me (sorry that i'm doing an already done to death thread)
Fender 1989 MIJ Strat (It's from the 80's, so it's gotta be legit!)
Breedlove AC25 SM