hey guys im really thinking of buying a POD from a realible pawn shop (ive shopped there before) but its JUST the POD and not any of the cables or hookups and blah blah blah... what would i neeed to buy after buying just the pod? and where could i buy that stuff by itself?
the power adaptor and u might be able to pick one up at just an electronics shop, youll need to kno the voltage and class youll need...i know the PODxt Live needs a Class 2 120V
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really? but what about the junk to connect to ur computer and stuff? can u use any old usb cable?
yeah, the power adapter is a must. I don't know about the Pod, but my xt takes an AC/AC stepdown transformer, it's AC not DC. The usb cable, if it's like the xt, is just a standard USB cable, one end is the standard USB, the other end is the smaller connector, like would plug into a USB printer.
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The 2.0 doesn't have a USB port, it has MIDI ports, but I'd suggest just using the output lines, cause MIDI sucks for real instruments.