NOTE:I've been looking into buying a new guitar. I'm not looking for an INCREDIBLE guitar, with the best everything on it, but sounds really good regardless. I probably wont be switching pickups on the guitar or trem. I come from a 200 guitar, so i'm sure most guitars in my price range (up to about 1000) wuld sound amazing and play amazing compared to it, but obviously i want to make a good decision.

I've been looking into shred-type guitars, anyting with a quick neck and easy upper fret access. Of course, comfort, looks and sound are also important aspects. Well, ever since i saw a black dean ml 79 ive loved the look, but do they realy sound/play great? Are the stock pups good? Only dean guitar ive ever heard, was in a review video, of the cowboy from hell tribute guitar and imo sounded amazing.

Everywhere on these forums and outside ive heard great things about the ibanez rg1570, and it seems like a great guitar, but ive heard people complaining bout the stock pups. Are these just rumors from guitar tone perfectionists, or do they down right suck?

ESP has several guitars that seem really good, at least on paper. Ive never been associated wtih any ESP guitars so i really dotn know how they sound or play. The f-400, ec-400 and the ec-1000 caught my eye. Any opionons on them?
Get new pups for the 1570 if you don't like the stock pups. U could still get it for under 1000 with some good new pups.
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RG1570 is excellent... Good stock pups, but even better after a change.
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Hmm, The EC series (and just LP's in general) aren't exactly "shredly". Trust me, getting the 22nd fret (and there's 24) is annoying to say the least. Trust me, it's definately more of a Rythm guitar. Although, it does sound pretty good with it's Mahogany body and EMG's. and the back of the neck is pretty flat to, and the frets feel really good too.
But as for Shred, not the best choice. Check out their M/MH/MHNT series for shredlier guitars.

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