the headstock action on my guiatr has the floyd rose thing to kee it in tune, and it uses an allen wrench to let me tune the guitar, im sure you guys know what i mean. but anyhow, im on the hunt to find something that i can screw or latch onto the back of the headstock to hold the allen wrench, my dad said he used to have one but a long time ago. it should be able to fit the explorer style headstock. any help?
the headstock thing? Uses an allen wrench to tune? God your not turning the truss rod to try and adjust your rose and tuning are you?
^ No lol .

Threadstarter, id imagine all you need is just a standard one.

You can find one on ebay for a few bucks probably.
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really? cool, ill go look for them now, but what should i do if the screws are too long, i dont wanna peirce my headstock. about how long should they be?