Ok, I've got to kind of make like the verse of a song and I'm stuck as to what I should use next. I go from C (032010) then to the Em (022000) both in a Down Down Up Down Down Up Down Up then onto the next chord. My problem is I don't know what would sound the best at the next one. Any help?
A minor, F major (barre chord)
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use D
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EI--1--   --0
BI--3--   --3
GI--2--   --0
AI--0--   --2
EI--0--   --0

Those should sound good, im not sure of the names of them though.
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EI--1-- --0
BI--3-- --3
GI--2-- --0
AI--0-- --2
EI--0-- --0

Those should sound good, im not sure of the names of them though.

Dmadd9 and Em7.
study the circle of 5ths. it helps a lot with choosing the right chords, so they are in key
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Ok, theory wise, lets look at this.

Your using the chords C to Em, so ill assume your in the key of C Major.
That means, you can use any of these chords in your progression:

C Major
D Minor
E Minor
F Major
G Major
A Minor
B Diminished

Ive got my guitar with my, so i tried out a couple of chords, and wrote down some progressions you may like.

C -> Em -> Dm -> F
C -> Em -> Am -> F
C -> Em -> F -> Em
C -> Em -> Dm -> Am -> G

See how im doing it?
Heres a tips:
If you use F as your last chord, it will set up your first chord C again. This is called a authentic cadence (V - I). Try it, play F, and then play C. See how after you play F, you want to play C again?

Depending on what scale you use, you can change the chords around to fit in with a progression.

Hope this helps
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after trying time and time again, does anybody know what I can do to try and be able to actually play the F. My problem is I can play the 3-2 part, but when I get to the part where I need my index on the two 1's, they get muted by the finger I have playing the 2. Any help for this situation, I know the obvious move your finger but it happens with other chords too.
^Don't play them with such a lazy hand posture, if you have your thumb behind the neck, it lends itself to having your fingers fretting right at the tip with gravity doing the work where fretting pressure is concerned - if your hand is positioned like that, you should have no trouble fretting an open F chord, where was with your thumb over the neck with a lazy hand posture lends itself to your hand being at a slant where the bottom and pad of your fingers are going to mude adjacent strings.

So, try fretting in a non-lazy way.
I know what the 'lazy' way is, and I have my thumb on the bottom of the neck so thats why I actually asked what the problem was. I have my thumb pushed almost to the very bottom of the neck so I'm not sure what else to do.
twist your index finger slightly to the side, so instead of pushing down on the strings with the fleshy part, you push down on the harder side.
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C, Em, G, F. Try that.

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