I get this really nasty buzzing sound whenever I try to play power chords or some low notes mainly using the e and a strings. I don't know whats up with it. IS there something that may need to be adjusted? New strings have been put on there about a month ago. Didn't notice buzzing untill this past week. Could the litle pegs be planted in correctly. The pegs I refer to are the little thingies that lock in the strings on the bridge. Any suggestions?

Accoustic Model: Fender DG-21S

Strings: D'Addario accoustic guitar strings
Well... Acoustic Guitars are not actually meant for Power Chords... but anyways:

1: Are you pressing hard enough on the strings? Acoustic guitars require more pressure than an electric.

2: Are you fretting correctly, try making your finger closer to the fret wire, instead of in the middle of the fret, it tends to make it so you require less finger pressure to make a note ring.

3: Is your string action correctly set?

4: Is your truss rod correctly adjusted, and is your neck not warped?
Spyder F-16

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when you play the chords try moving your fingers closer to the frets (get them as close as possible). that happens to me when i play sometheing like the B chord where i can't get my middle finger close enough
Well I don't use my accoustic for power chords often. I was just giving an example :p But it's not just that. I try to play something like stairway to heaven and it buzzes. I apply pretty firm pressure. As I said, I have been playing accoustic for 4 years. Just this buzzing is just acting up now. Which I"m thinking it's mechanical error, not user error. So Spyder I'll look into what you said about the tuss rod and possibly my neck.

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fret buzz becuase your necks alittle torqed

If that was the case, how couuld I fix that? Or would I need a new guitar? =/