Just got into playing the guitar and i need some advice for a new acoustic guitar. I've read a fews posts and it seems that the Yamaha FG700S and FG730S are pretty popular. I don't know anything about guitar quality so its hard for me to compare different guitars. I've been playing an old Synsonics FG908N from toys'R'us from a few years back so you can tell i definitly need a new guitar. I'm just a guitar hobbyist and i want to get the most out of my money. I'm leaning towards the FG730S but not sure.
Got most of my info from the sticky thread about guitars under $300 so i'm hoping you can help me out more.
If you've read that thread, then you need to post a more specific question. If your question is whether or not the Yamaha is good for the pricce, it is.

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