dont know why the hell this keeps happenening, but every so often, my 5th string on my schecter omen6 always seems to "uncoil". my guitar is fairly new at almost a year old, and i have to say that the only strings that i have HAD to replace are the gey 5th string about 5 different times. i know its not the string type because it happend withe the stock string, a ghs, a ghs boomer, and 2 real cheap washburn strings i picked up from target. they always seem to break at the same spot though, but they arent really breaking, the string just all of a sudden snaps but it has uncoiled itself right at the action on my bridge. now i dont know if im hitting it too hard and it "slips" off of the action slit, or if it is just wear and tear, but if so, why arent my other strings doing the same thing? it always seems to happend though when i am either playing a powerchord with the root note on the 5th, or if i am trem. picking on it. if anybody could be of assistance i would greatly appreciate it.
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Try a new bridge.
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probably a sharp point on ur saddle.

if the strings are all breaking at the saddle, feel for a sharp edge, that can be filed.

if u cant smooth it out you might want to pick up a new saddle or a set of graphtechs.

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something is causing the string to break. it might be a sharp edge or a burr of metal or something. feel around with your fingers to determine what might be the cause. then you may be able to sand it down or something.
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