Looking to buy a semi hollow for jazz and blues.

which is the better suited here, keeping in mind the ibanez is a lot less money, but the schecter has a lot more access to the lower frets. the ibanez has a trem and the schecter doesnt.
Schecter has piezos, and a smaller body. The Ibanez is a straight-out jazzbox - big and hollow, no hard rock and heavy distortion there. Artcore will do jazz with excellence, and the C-1 might do more (and cost much more).

Keep in mind that the vibrato on the Ibanez isn't your Floyd Rose and it's not made for harmonic squeals of divebombs, its range is very subtle.
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so will the schecter do jazz better than say my rg450? the e/a is a gorg looking guitar.

is the c1 classic semi hollow?
No, it is a regular solid body electric, but is very nice. For jazz, I would go with an Epi ES-335 Dot or the C-1 E/A. The Schecter would obviously play better, but the Epi could give you a better jazz tone. It really depends on how much you want to spend on a guitar.

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im going to go the AWD82T now i think, i cant believe the value for money. but im a bit sure of a standard tremolo on a hollow body. any experienceS?