so i hear this term alot and im pretty sure its important, so can someone explain or give me a link to a site explaining it, and also i wouldl like to learn about scales so if you know of a site for that it would be appreciated
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I'm not good with music theory at all. I know the basics, but i could never get it to sink it.

I'd read the same thing over and over for months and say "what the **** is this". After a few years i just gave up on going deeper into it.

You don't NEED it, but it helps. Alot of classic rock guys don't know theory.
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Music theory helps to explain why music works.
Why do certain chord progressions sound the way they do,
How can you create a chord progression
How do chords fit over solos
How do certain notes fit into each other

And so on. Imo, its proved invaluable when writing my own stuff, its helped me work out which chords to use in chord progressions. Its helped me write stuff with moods (the modes). and so on.

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