how do you make music that sounds like the band "angels and airwaves". any tips, tricks, theory, song writing help, lyrical help, anything will work. thanks.
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A delay pedal, reverb, and a big ego.
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Pick up a guitar, learn a few power chords and slap it on a piece of plastic and make money off it.
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have something wrong with you mentally and blame 9/11 on bush.

god i hate over political people

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A delay pedal, reverb, and a big ego.

ok, well, you helped me a little, so thanks. and how do i use the delay pedal and reverb to get their sound?
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Look, if you wanna play like someone, the first thing you gotta do is play a few of their songs and listen to them a lot, then delve into their influneces. From what I've read, they're really delay'y and reverb'y, so buy a reverb and/or delay pedal, then listen to U2, The Cure, and Pink Floyd. That should give you a good start.
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well, it seems like they do a lot of single note palm muting, has anyone else noticed this?
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yeah, "learn" a handful of powerchords, put 'em together and then throw in some palm muting and you are angels and airwaves
ya i was watching some videos on yahoo the other day and one of their songs came up. All throughout the first part of the song they just played one muted note. It got really annoying after a while so I closed the page.
Learn many of the songs by him.

That is the first step, then analyze WHY he puts his stuff together that way, and why you like it.
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the only song i know by them is 'the adventure' so ill try to help you based on what ive heard there.

its sounds in that song like the main guitar line is a bunch of riffs that are based on the same ideas and notes. they fit very well together and compliment each other very well. so work on some ideas like that where you can have similarity for cohesion and differences so it doesnt get dull.

the rhythm guitar is pretty much powerchords, but not excusively. play around with that shape a bit and see if you can make something interesting that is reminscent of a powerchord, but not quite. the rhythm of the chords is fairly straightforward, especially during verses under the lead guitar. choruses have a bit more freedom rhythmicly, but i wouldnt get overly complex here.

bass is very simple and straightforward. in fact in 'the adventure' its pretty much strictly root notes. i would spice it up a bit by adding some depth to the bass to fill out the chords, but again dont get overly complex as the music is supposed to sound fairly simple. drums, im not gonna say anything other than its a very basic rock beat for the verses and not much more complex for the chorus.

not much in the song is very complicated, you just need to come up with stuff that fits very well together to give a very full sound. the reverb and delay on the guitar give a kinda echoy/shimmery sound that is pretty distincitive. so other than that, what else is there? vocals obviously. you need to have some pretty decent lyrics and a nice vocal melody to go over your instrumentation. that really is the key to a lot of songs in this style, you need to have a good vocal melody that compliments the instrumentation and stands out so you want to hear what is being sung.
Come to think of it, I do remember seeing an interview thing with Tom a while back. He sayed that something he likes do is hold done one chord (usually powerchord), and then change the bass of it. This could be considered playing the rhythm and the melody part at the same time. I think Hendrix did stuff like that before, anyways try it out.
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Use two guitars...try having one guitar playing a riff consisting of single notes from the major scale, and the other guitar plays powerchords in the background. Use quite a bit of delay on your single note riffs. Tom definitely likes to have one guitar play the same riff while the ohter one changes chords, like in the intro to The War. Get some synthesised strings in there to back you up. For lyrics, write about everyday stuff like relationships with girlfriends, family etc., also take on some world issues that you feel strongly about if you want, for example Tom wrote 'The War'. Try getting a simple, catchy melody for the chorus, that is one of Tom's strong points. Use some metaphors and similes, don't just say everything straight out. Hope I helped a bit, sorry if it was jumbled, in a bit of a hurry.
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Stick a microphone in the toilet and press record. lawls

this is surprisingly accurate, considering AaA sound like a big wave musically, so perhaps a flush would do the job

and i've heard "The Adventure" and "Do This For Me Now" and the guitar parts sound exactly the same
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