This thread is about effect pedals. This thread will feature many pedals,description of pedals,deatails,settings,etc.

Digitech: Brian May Red Special

a new artist series modeling pedal that
lets you peel out 7 of the sweetest Brain
May tones. Songs include, "Keep yourself alive",
"Bohemian Rhapsody", "Tie your mother down",
"we will rock you/champions", Crazy little thing called love",
"Brighton rock","Deacy tone/a winters tale".

Effects included:

vocal like tone w/sustain
High gain distortion
Creamy distortion
Acoustic guitar moddel w/ delay
3-part Orchestral Harmonizer effect

Cost: $199

8.9 out of 10

Ibanez Tubescreamer

The Ts808 Tubescreamer is capable of producing
extremely convincing tube-like tones for transister
technology. The tube screamer is one of the most
famous guitar effects pedals around. The legendary
warmth produced by the tubescreamers is the number
1 reason why guitarists love them so much.


tone-cranked all the way right
level-40-60(or any other level)

overdrive- 45%
tone- 75%
level-50-60(or any other level)

Cost: $170


Big Muff

The legendary Big Muff distortion/sustainer petal
was used by hendrix and santana in the 60's for
that awesome crunch and great sustain. This
pedal is great for using muffed low bass and high
treble distortion. Sustain is very smooth which is
great for musicians everywhere. A plus for the Big
Muff is that it works great through a bass guitar.
So wether you a bass guitarist or just a guitarist,
this pedal should be on your list.

+ this pedal is great for guitar and bass
+ very versitile distortion
- kinda big (thats where the litlle big muff comes in)

cost $80

8 out of 10

Digitech "The weapon"

Another of the artist series

Don Donegan of Disturbed had a deal with digitech
all of that turned out to be a digitech pedal with
7 of Don Donegan's famous tones. The effects
come out really crisp. With two tone knobs, you can
create your own Don Donegan tones.

Effects featured:

-Sitar simulator
-Pitch shift
- and more!


tone knob 1-all the way right
tone knob 2-all the way right

cost: $110

8.9 out of 10

Thats all im posting in this thread today, expect more tomorrow!(feel free to review pedals yourself)