I'm looking for a good amp that can cover any style of music, the problem is, i only have $500 to buy it with. and i would also like one that is big enough to use for gigs and the such. my main concern is that it has a good metal tone, as that is what i will be playing most.

I was thinking about getting a roland cube 60, what is the clean like on that amp?
peavey valveking?

cubes cleans are ok, distortion sound good for solid slate, but its still ss
go tube

you might want an od pedal if you want really insane distortion
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

I was considering some tube amps, what is an easy way to get a good overdrive out of one while at bedroom volume?
My classic 50. Its is for sale for 450. I can get it to you for 500 shipped. This has good overdriven tones at low volumes. It is extremely versitile. The cleans on this amp are amazing. Lemme know. I have references if you are worried about dealing with someone over the internet. Email me at gwarner911@netscape.net if you want.
Also take a look at the Peavey Bandit. It's a pretty decent, gig-worthy metal amp.
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Check out the Peavey Classic 30's and 50's and then buy an OD pedal for heavier stuff. You could also check out Peavey Valvekings but I would buy the Classics over that.

If you are going to go solid state, check out the Vox AD100VT 212 combo or the AD50VT 112 combo. Both are very versatile and I love these amps. I have the small version and used to have the head version before upgrading to tube. They are great to dial in any tones you want quickly. You may not be able to afford the 212 at $500 though.

People will say to get the Cube 60 if you are playing metal but personally I like the Vox better even for metal. The tone is a lot warmer although you have a little less gain with it. I play metallica and slayer on my Vox and its fine.

Good luck.
See if you can wrangle a second hand vox ad60. They have awesome metal tone, and are head and shoulders above the newer line.

Good luck man

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See if you can wrangle a second hand vox ad60. They have awesome metal tone, and are head and shoulders above the newer line.

Good luck man


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in a month ill have a 112 valveking. cheapest 50 watt tubeamp. and people seem to love them and they look great.