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The Teenage Boy Missing His Girl......
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If I Could
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Fighting Was Not Worth The Time
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The Teenage Boy Missing His Girl In A Land Where Chicks Play Topless On The Sands

Above the camamile askew and
Cloud covered stew of
Flowing color and off-white aspiration
Flys a ghost on a wingtip,
Preeching to the anti-deluvian
Night and stars due north
Of the cockpit.

"I remember when my
Dreams were in her
Eyes, while hers clutched
To mine, pupils attached with
Perfection in-between us. And
I remember when I twirled
Her curly hair in
Between my fingers
Creating patterns
I couldnt put to words;
And I sang phrases that
No one could ever understand
But she nodded along anyway every time:
Always nodding.
Always smiling.
Always nodding.

But now,
Now I put to words,
What I couldnt ever before,
Raw emotion mulled over
on the milky undead floor:

Oh Maiya, now
Find me and besame, my child,
And I'll take you from the wilds
Of the world,
And hold you in a spirit's loving clasp,
And I only ask that you stay with me,
Here in etheral arms
And besame,
Just so I know that your not an apparition;
And I'm not just looking
At a fading mirror memory.

So please find me and besame
And I'll hold you with etherality,
Floating through the thinnest
Midnight air, over a suicide brigade
To a sunset.
And I will ****ing hold you fast
With as much strength as I can muster
And will hope that some things
Sometime last, and
Maybe this time the morning
Wont try to remedy this bliss
...Just one kiss... Just one kiss...
Just one kiss..."

And he melts into the moonlit sunlight
Coughing tears into the burning clouds
And he just wants to
Touch sweet Maiya

Always nodding.
Always nodding.
Always nodding.
But he's still gone
And his words will never pierce her ears nor heart.


If I Could

I could drive us down to Yarmouth for the weekend
in my tired Toyota and hope we don't get pulled over
for moving too fast down wary lengths of highway.
We could watch the twilight burst lustrous beginnings
as the fire in the sky cauterizes July alive
on the threshold of summer and everything after.
You could lay by my side on Bay View Beach late at night
and effortlessly count the stars you could care less about.
I could covet you with a smile,
and have you at the same time.

And as the rain descends as moonlit embers
I don't think I've ever seen the rain so . . .
I don't think I've ever seen the rain so beautiful.

Staring up, you could tell me about Harvard and Yale.
I could ask you which one is closer to where I am,
and you could crack a smile beautiful enough to
crack a heart that could never have you more than once.
I could tell you I've spent sleepless nights dreaming of you,
or I could get high just from the look in your eyes,
and you could drive me home.


Fighting Was Not Worth The Time

One night thunder started rolling
It was our screams and yells
Voices carrying for eternity
Tears streeming down
You were sad, I could tell

Now that I think about it
We were quite mad
And I should have known
Why fighting is so bad

Fighting is not what I ment to do
It brings more pain
To this already agonizing world
Fighting was not worth the time

So baby please take my apology
Return to back to me
I'm not the person that I was
Now my love is true

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The Teenage Boy Missing His Girl In A Land Where Chicks Play Topless On The Sands

....the other two are not bad also but in my opinion there's no question abaut it.......and the title is great....
.....i'm gonna capture a gideon