i started guitar about a week or two ago and just wanted to know if i need to learn all the scales and chord before learing songs because i think im rushing ahead .
ok, first off, get yourself a teacher. Its the most important thing you can get to start with because youll get nowhere. But if you dont, learn all your basic notes on the first 3 frets before anything and be familiar with them. Also learning how to read real music well help and not just tab. Then once you have those notes done, learn your basic chords. From there you can do whatever you want but be familiar with something before rushing into new stuff or youll be confused. Also, the lessons on UG are fairly good (nothing compated to a real teacher). So good luck with your future endeavors!!
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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You don't have to learn one thing, then learn another, then another. You can learn both at the same time as what I did. I tried to find out what scale songs are in, what chords they use, etc. while learning about scales and chords and the song.
When I started all I did was begin to play the introductory riffs and main lines of songs that I liked. You need that kind of thing at first to get your fingerstrength up as well as get you interested in the instrument. If you jump straight into complex rules and theory right away, you might lose interest. Eventually, you'll get to the scales and chords and the names of the notes and such, but if I were you, I'd stick to the reason you started playing in the first place.
hey thanks for the advices... i wonder if i learnig good .. my freind thought me some basics and i learned few scales cords and i could play begineing of few songs like master of pupets stairway to heaven .. my freind said im catching up fast but im not sure..if his telling the truth
ive only been playing for like a year but im really good i can play like slayer and aic song all the way through solos and all. i didint get a teacher until like 3 months ago. learn a couple of penatonic scales and some open string chordes then start learning songs as much of it as u can . like someone said before dont jump right into learning a bunch of scales and chords trust me it will get boring and u will loose interest in ur guitar. i would recomend learning the penatonic scale in at least three positions and get a teacher once ur ready to learn to start ripping out those solos. really try to get someone wih ur intest in music