he is a pretty good guitarist but is the accoustic he peddles to the commoners any good? i mean he sais its like a copy of his $5000 axe.

is it worth getting or is Esteban full of crap?
i am wondering the same thing. the only that stopped me from buying his last deal on HSN was the stupid phone recording and trying to set up an HSN buyers account over the phone.
oh, btw, search "esteban" in the thread searcher, you'll find your answer there. DONT BUY
I'm surprised that Estrban is still allowed to put the comercial on TV. The guitar is crap. The guitar is in no way modled after they guitar he says they copied and the guitar is not solid wood like he says. The guitar is playwood. It is no better than the Mark II guitara you can pickup at walmart.
Not taking any online orders.
haha here's one of em...

Features: 1
Features? Some beautifull rain forest somewhere in indonesia was cleared (in part) to make this piece of crap. This was not the good wood either, I think it was made out of roots and leaves (the small percentage of it that is actually wood). The neck is bent, the frets have sharp burs and stick out. I once dropped a dinner fork in a garbage disposal and it looked better than these frets. The finish rubs off on my hands whenever I play it; It looks alot like that orange tan in a bottle, and appears as if was applied with a bat. It also has a peutrid oder emminating from it. It smells like a skunk humped an onion in it. What a rip off, what a piece of crap. F#&* YOU ESTABAN!!!!

Sound: 1
You can play it with a pick, a file, or my favorite, a hammer. It makes absolutely no difference in the sound. The only place I can see playing it that would make it bearable is on the runway of a busy airport.(at least then I would not be able to hear it)If you were to shoved a bobcat in a rusty old piano, it would sound just like this guitar.

Action, Fit, & Finish: No Opinion
If I took an axe to a pine log, blinfolded, and tried to carve a guitar, it would have a better fit than this thing. And if when i was done, I pissed on it, it would have a better finish. Who ever made this thing must have been having a seizure that day.

Reliability/Durability: 1
The only thing I can depend on is the garbage man picking it up on thursday, and I can only hope he takes it. I fully expect to see it thursday afternoon next to the garbage can with a note taped to it(I am sorry, but due to the sheer volume, we are no longer able to take Estaban guitars)

Customer Support: 1
Upon calling HSN I found out it had an unconditional warranty, under no condition is anything on the guitar warrantied. When I asked to speak to customer service, I was directed to a call center in India. When I began to complain, the man told me I was lucky to own a guitar. I told him he's lucky he's on the other side of the world, because; if he was'nt, I would kill him.

Overall Rating: 1
It sould have come with a lighter, so you can burn it immediatly after opening the box. It should also have come with some hand cleaner, to get the finish off your skin after playing it. The only other thing it should have come with is a rebate check for the entire purchase price. I have no other guitars to compare it to, But if I were to leve a nice classical out in the rain and sun for a few years, it would still sound better than this albtross.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
A guy i teach guitar to has one, and the action is pretty high- its not the best, but it doesnt play THAT bad. I would not buy one, but ive played a martin dc10(?) for the last 3 years.
That review is hilarious! Every time I go to the pawn shop, they get another one, and no one ever buys one. I tried to play it, but the clerks keep giving me the whole "Don't let a rambuncous (sp) teenager touch such a delicate instrument!" routine.

I was actually watching his program, and they were selling a "25 piece kit" for 200 bucks, I think. They showed a breakdown of the prices for the individual items, and it showed the guitar being worth 499.99! I've heard of list price being higher than sales price, but I doubt it's worth that much.

The rest of the prices were reasonable, except maybe the "six pack of strings" that cost around 20 bucks.
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