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Inside A Carnival
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Due to Pooch sending me the same thing twice ( ), and me never noticing until now, this round (the last one) will only have the last two entrants.

Inside A Carnival

the snow covered the streets like pavement on the canopies. or maybe it was the other way around. a bird perched on a telephone wire struck up a conversation with a man without a mouth. so they shared a beak, and I heard the man speak. he said 'no i dont know anymore, if i could talk id listen if i could listen id talk. just not the other way around.' and the birds wings stretched out, like a picture on a wall, and he blocked the sun from the sky. and the light disolved into carpets and rugs, and with every step we took our feet lit up. oh magical soil, would you make my flowers grow? cause the weather is freezing and when i speak i see my words spelt out in front of me. and the blind man places his fingers upon them, with bumps for braille, he just repeats everything I say. after years of trying to get him to talk, well now he won't stop.
isn't it just funny how some things go? as the bombs begin to settle and the dust rises up through the floor. we all say aloud.
'id like to live alone. did you hear me? i said id like to live alone.'



I masked defeat with a corpse and stood fast between roots.
Burn the foliage!
Bury the past!
An empty body bag filled with soil?
We?re six feet under, and we both know I won?t last.
She stood on treetops and screamed a symphony for the stars.
Interposed was a question of faith.
Me or this?
His shirt still stained with shoplifted ink
Lips puckered and painted pink.
Dance, orangutan dance!
My funnybone fell out and tickled off someone?s pants.
Blinding the shame with marquee board lights
Coercing the past into knuckle-dusting fist fights.
The ballroom was rotting and my flesh was dead.
I wed sorrow with a face, and decided to die young.
A knot in my mouth, my tongue.
My hands wrung and buried themselves in celestial woe.
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