Hey, this was inspired a lot by the album "Daydream Nation" by Sonic Youth. If you've heard it, you might be able to tell. Anyways, I'm not sure how much sense this will make to you, but I felt good about writing it (this was awhile ago now I suppose). I'm guessing it will come out very jumbled, which is why I suppose I want some feedback on it. Anyways, take from it what you will.

Its alright,
Its a light thats flashing
Way out from shore
Just to make sure
That your bow will never break

Life is plush
Its a head rush running
Up your spine
In due time you'll surface

Time is up
And your mind is blinded
The headlights glaring in your eyes
Your body's stiff
Brain needs to twitch
To scratch a place you can't seem to itch

On a crutch
Two weeks wandering now you've
Collapsed at dusk
Sucking water from the mud

Now you're up
Learned how to walk with purpose
Feeling drained,
Very strained
White walls fill your horizons

Be a martyr
Live as an example
Needing night
To escape the white
Mix new colors to paint the dawn

Needing out
Can't find the man you knew before
From your chair
Climb the stairs to the lighthouse

Hit the switch
Illuminate the ocean
Day splashes down
On the teeming crowd
Of youngsters

They see you there
With their vacant stare
Like a knife right through you

They cut you up
Into ribbons as you stand
At command
As heat blazes from the desert sand

Their cries rise up
Sunlight dawns on the aged
Screamed offence
Seeking decadence
Just like you

Alright, there you go, it may have seemed broken at parts, I inserted verses here and there and moved them around a bit, so I'm not sure how well it might come out to others. Let me know what you think if you please.