ok, ive been playing guitar for about a year now, and even though i know i suck really really bad at playing everthing execpt DWTS, i beleive the answer to my problems lies in the fact that i dont even bother trying to play have the songs i want to learn is because they have solos in them. now i get the whole idea about alternate picking, trem picking, hammer ons, all the goods. but the onlything i cant seem to get down is infact the timing. i can do slower ones, but when it comes to those fast flying solos, i get compleetely lost. i cant alt. pick very consistantly unless im trem picking, but my major problem is is that i cant move my fingers fast enough onto 4 different quarter inch frets while alt. picking. it also has to do with my "pudgey finger syndrome", which is also why the only chords i can play are powerchords. i have short fingers that "spread" when i push them down on frets, causing them to overlap any part of the next string, screwing me up completely. so the question at hand is: how do i go about getting my fingers to move faster and more consistent alt. picking. and i know that each and every one of you will say "practice makes perfect", and i get it i have only been playin a year and i will suck, but is there any advice or techniques that may be of use to me?
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ok dude ive been playing for like a year to and had the same problem get urself a metrnome and practice everything scales, triplets all that stuff for hours and and hours trust me it works im now able to play some really badass solos. tell me what solos u r trying to learn and maybe i can give u something to practice with
Ah.. I was the same way, almost every beginner can say the same thing. If you truely want to be a consistant fast player, you have to do your practice scales. (You can PM me for some or probably search UG) for Pentatonic Scales. Build your speed on those, because most solos are played in the form of a scale. Write back what you think

I think you need to hook up with a teacher. It sounds like you're thrashing around with no idea of what to do next. Meanwhile who knows what kinds of bad habits you're developing. Find a good teacher who teaches what you'd like to learn and submit yourself to his or her leadership for a year or so. You won't recognize the player you've become at the end of that time.

By the way, the way to find a good teacher is through referrals and interviews. Find out if some teacher's name comes up again and again. Then set up a time to talk with this person to see if your personalities are compatible.
All things are difficult before they are easy.
- Dr. Thomas Fuller (British physician, 1654-1734)
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For everything you need to know - gpb0216.
Bah, like most poeple I can't be bothered to get a teacher.

What to do then?
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Bah, like most poeple I can't be bothered to get a teacher. What to do then?
Well, I guess you'll just keep playing the way you're playing. By the way, I'm glad Steve Vai and Al DiMeola, to name just two world-class guitarists you may have heard of, didn't feel the way you do about teachers. All the best.
All things are difficult before they are easy.
- Dr. Thomas Fuller (British physician, 1654-1734)
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For everything you need to know - gpb0216.
listen to gpb0216, get a teacher..do everything they say..practise alot and try to impress your teacher and keep up with everything he's given you to practise and in no time you'll be playing some songs that you'd previously given up on just by looking at the tab.

seriously, a teacher is the way to go
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ya these guys are right I was doubting myself to when i first started but now i have a guitar teacher and now im a million times better than I ever was.
if you are just lazy, then get a teacher for sure. If you really can't, or if you're one of those hardheads who want to learn everything by themselves (like me ) then you have to seriously sit down one day and make some plans. Best thing that worked for me is to get a song that I wouldn't take a second look at otherwise, and start learning it. I've been playing for almost a year too, and just about 3 weeks ago I took up sweet child o' mine (which I thought was way out of my league at that point; i could barely figure out the fingering for the first verse then) and now I can play right up to the end of the solo (incl. fast run) almost perfectly. You can do it, trust me, you just need to focus more.

anyway, I agree with some of the above posters, metronome is key. And as for alternate picking, start off with chromatic exercises WITH the metronome (start out slow, build speed, eventually it'll become second nature) if i recall, the ibreathemusic website (google it?) has a 365 day practice session thing which I found really useful to pick up little exercises from.

anyway, yeah, best thing I can say is if you keep avoiding obstacles like solos, you'll never learn them. Just play each successive note in those fast runs as much as you can (in proper timing) and you'll naturally build speed (even if you don't try to), and eventually you'll have gotten fast enough in those parts.

oh yeah, and the pudgey finger thing...you should probably look into a wider neck? either that or you just need some more chord practice, just use the very tip of ur fingers
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