hey everyone

so lately ive been trying to sing while playing and it is pretty damn hard. im just wondering is it a skill that u have and some people just dont have it, or can it be developed and learned?

if so, does anybody have any tips or some easy sing/play songs they can recommend to get me started

It's easy man. You just have to pritty much be able to play guitar well. Just try not to look at the chords/notes whatever and just sing along. You'll get in the beat eventually but try doing like easy punk chords and singing to start with.
yea, the trick is to make sure you can play the riff without thinking about it too much
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yeah the white stripes have some easy stuff...if your into them i suggest that....and yeah mostly stuff that you can play thats simple chords is pretty easy....it just takes practice like everything else...i only started a couple months ago and if your good at guitar you pick it up quick.
k so basically learn the song until u can play it in ur sleep then just sing on top of it

i wish it was that easy ha.....thanks ill give it a try
Okay first tip. When your playing your own stuff, try to arrange things so that the tricky guitar parts are at times in between singing. When your playing other peoples stuff you should start out with songs that at least simple chord progressions during the vocal areas. Its like anything, just start simple. Play the chords in given song enough and it should feel natural to where you don't have to think about it and you can just focus on singing. Some relatively simple songs that I started multitasking to are Hotel Yorba by the white stripes, Don't Let Go by weezer, and Brain Stew by greenday. All simple few chord songs that can help get people started with singing while strumming. Another little trick is that if your having a hard time getting you singing to go in one direction while the guitar is going the other, forget about the words to the song. Practice getting your voice moving independently by humming or something along that line if your stuck
Yeah some hards are much harder to sing and play try playing and singing hendrix it aint easy. Try I Shall Be Released" the bands version first song i learnt to sing and play, need a capo and a high voice though.
ya singing and playing is ****ing hard. if im tryin to hold a conversation while playing i have a really hard time.
The strange thing is... I can hold conversations while playing, but I can't seem to sing while playing!
It helps if you know the words like the back of your hand. Remembering lyrics can seriously bog down your mind.

It really just comes down to practising singing and playing separately until you have them both down pat.
Just make sure you learn how to phrase the lyrics! Once you learn how the words fit in the song its acually easier to play along and sing! For me anyway
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Believe me ,it does get easier after you get a couple tunes under your belt.Try Signs
by Tesla(yes I know its a cover!)or some hootie and the blowfish tunes,Keep jammin'!