I'm trying to learn Voodoo child and it is proving very difficult!
just wondering does anyone really play it not for note
I can easily play it if i just improv most of it with my own fills and rhythmic variations, but learning it note for note is very challenging!!! does anyone even do this or do you guys just improv it too? if you guys do play it note for note any tips???
i improv most of it but i stick to like the idea and i include most of his licks
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Quote by srv_king
i improv most of it but i stick to like the idea and i include most of his licks

yeah that pretty much what i do...as long as you do the more famouse parts of the song the other parts cna be improvised
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if you play it note for note exactly like hendrix,thats fine, you just dont have any style and you wont have any style until you start interpreting what he did, and going on with the song adding your own little quirks and such, like SRV did. if you feel you must play it exactly like hendrix or SRV, go ahead, you just wont have any flair or pizazz, your just copying. you can take certain licks from the tune that you find appealing and play those and build upon the rest, making it your own. like srv king said, you stick to the basic idea and structure of the song, and you improvise, making it unique and stand out.
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well i find copying it note for note to be ridiculously hard, and i find it more enjoyable to make it my own anyways just wondering how you guys did it

it seems like these song is alot about groove and just randomness that is hard to emulate note for note, but much easier if you just do your own thing
Do you mean Voodoo Chile or Voodoo Child (Slight Return)? It won't help me answer your question, I'm just curious
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I think learning a song note-for-note can be a good thing sometimes- the fact that it's hard means that it will make you a better player in the long run, and you'll pick up little licks and techniques that you might miss on your first couple of attempts. I mean, it's easy just to gloss over a hard section and replace it with your own lick, but you'll learn nothing from it, you're just being complacent and sticking with what you already know. Once you learn it by note, you can go on to improvise around that and throw in your own licks- I'm pretty sure Hendrix would never have played this song the same exact way on 2 different occasions.
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My version of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) is at http://edg.dmusic.com.
It came out pretty good, bt it was my first recording. Could be better.

Anyway, I NEVER learn a song note for note. With Voodoo Child I learned the
main riffs note for note until I had the rythym down and had it under my fingers.
Then I just played it as Hendrix would have -- pretty much off the cuff and different
every time.

For the Solo and Lead and made it a point to learn the HARD stuff note for note until
I had it down. I think that's pretty important if you want to capture the flavor
of the original. When I play it I'll use some of it, all of it, or just make my own stuff
up. I wanted to capture the Electric Ladyland version, but still wanted it to be my
own sound. I wanted anyone listening to think -- hey, that's the electic ladyland
version. If you listen to Hendrix's versions, they're all WAY different.

Anyway, it is VERY possible to do it all the way through note for note. But, I'd just
do that for study. The hardest thing about Hendrix is getting the rythym down
because he made up some wild stuff on the spot. But he wasn't really using
super-complex fingerings or anything.
yeah, it's all about improv. and it makes it much more fun that way. confuse your band. exciting in concerts. take an impromtu 128 measure solo.
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