Where are the best tab books to get off the internet? Specifically I'm looking for a Red Hot Chili Peppers book. thanks

P.S. Yeah I know I could go to UG's tabs and look there but I really want the 100% correct ones and I guess it's just a personal preference. thanks again.
Hal-Lenord books from Amazon.com? You have to buy them...but theyre always really good. I sell a ton of them and people always come back and praise those books.
hal leonard books are great but they arent always 100% accurate, they are extreemely close though.
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for theroy guitar grimoire get both versoins it will teach you alot
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^ could you explain that a bit more? like is grimoire what the book is called? where can i find it and for how much?
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hal leonard books are great but they arent always 100% accurate, they are extreemely close though.

What do you think is going to be closer internet tabs or Hal Leonard tabs?
The Grimoire books aren't really all that great. I would avoid them.

The Hal Leanord tabs are high quality. There's a number of different series
just go to the Hal Leanord site.

A lot of times, in addition to the tab you get other usefull stuff. Like a CD with
parts of the songs played slowly and an analysis of the solo. Performance notes.
i'm lookin at the books now and see two that interest me the first is called Red Hot Chili Peppers-Greatest Hits- Guitar Recorded Versions 19.95 this one has 104 pages with lyrics and a width of 9 and length of 12 (whatever that is) the other is A Step-By-Step Breakdown of the Band's Styles and Techniques-Signature Licks- Book and CD Package - Tab, The author is Chad Johnson it has all the same songs but is 24.95 with the same width and length but has only 88 pages... maybe that's because it doesn't have lyrics but maybe this book is just like riffs or i don't know what licks means. I think i would want the second book because of the cd and it shows you some other stuff about the guitar stylings of john frus. but i don't want it if it is not the tabs of the songs. if someone could help me out with this i would be very very very greatful thanks much hope to hear from someone soon.
Hal Leanord = absolutely f**king awesome. Their musical theory book has taught me musical theory stuff that i thought i'd neva be screwed learning.
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how much do you sell them for? and what do you have for rhcp?

We sell them for $19.95 I believe...anyways, theyre pretty cool. I have some Nirvana ones...and anybody that can transcribe a Kurt Cobain "solo" to guitar tabs is pretty good. lol
^ not like the Smells Like Teen Spirit solo or anything..Im talking like all the B-Side songs that are just random notes and feedback.
my point exactly...any book that accurately transcribes his playing is a book worth buying. gah

btw nice try on the "pwn".
yeah anyways...so back to that question like 10 up...does anybody know which one i should get?
Why not just try to figure it all out yourself? I book should be a very last resort. Youre almost always bound to not get better relying on tabs and stuff...try developing a good ear.


Besides man...its fncking book! Theyre all going to be basically the same.