hi there,

does anyone know of any software or website that states the different chord names when playing with the capo. Eg so you play a "un-capoed" song with a capo on and still play the same chords.
hope this makes sense
...this would be the perfect time for you to learn the notes on the fretboard.
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Got to agree with ^, learn the notes on the fret board. Or work out the chords relative to the fret board then increase the notes by this amount of semi-tones. Either way you should definatly stik your penis into your cat.
yupo work them out yourself it'll be good for you.

Dunno why you'd want to do that to a cat though but I'll stay out of that one, it's far too personal for me to interfere.
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umm u might mean bar-chords google it or search for lessons on ug for m

nah, he means like, if plays 022100 it's an E.... but what if he puts a capo on the first fret and plays that same shape in relation to the capo? what chord would it be then?

(it'd be an F)
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yeah i do mean the above. its easy enough when using e-shape etc but what about playing a G with the capo on 4? thats where it becomes trickier!

As far as learning the notes on the fretboard goes i could do with learning this...can anyone point me in the right direction to do this?
from http://guitarsecrets.com/all_notes.htm

so if you put a capo on the 4th fret and play a G shape, you're actually playing a B chord. if you make the shape (whether it's 320003 or 320033 or 355433) you can look down at your fingers and see that your root note is B now instead of G.
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thanks for the chart. might be asking a bit much here but what is done when you want to play minor chords? or 7ths etc...
well now you're getting into chord construction... could you be a little more specific?
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ok.. dont want to get too heavy on it. its just that Noel Gallagher has started playing songs with capos on in acoustic sets etc and i was trying to find out what chords he plays
all the major chords, minor chords, seventh chords, and others are all played exactly the same with the capo on (in relation to the capo, of course). all the capo does is raise the pitch of your instrument. there's a few different reasons why someone might want to do that, but that's all it does.

for example, I leave one of my guitars tuned a half step down. when I want to play something in standard tuning, I just throw a capo on the first fret and play from there.
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