if i were to make a amp wit on and of toggle switch and volume pot, wut circuit would i use to amplify it. keep it simple, im abit slow, and a noob to amps and electronics. Oh and no tubes, cus with my luck, ill electrocute myself. i want it to be kind of like the crate powerblock, but no eq.
everything else is just details
have a check at www.generalguitargadgets.com ... i think have have a suitable circuit for u ;P generalguitargadgets is the best/ easiest DoItYourself site (DIY)
happy to help you!
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by the way, your looking for a power amp, not a preamp, a preamp is the tone stage etc. you just want to amplify. check out www.ampage.com i dont know if they have something useful i just saw the link earlier.